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Welcome to my blog

Hi all !! My name is Jessica! I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 11 years now! Gosh I wonder how many heads my hands have touched? I own this cute little shop called Cutting Edge Designs; the best part about it is, is I get to work with my bestfriends and get my hair, nails, and skin done too :) I am new to this blogging world and only hope to get better! If there is anything you want or need to know please comment and I will try to address it to the best of my knowledge. Thank you ! Stay beautiful !

By cuttingedge49603488, Jun 21 2016 01:42PM

The brazilian blow out is a product that was created to reduce frizz and relax the curl of your hair without damaging your hair. If anything it makes it feel better because it conditions your hair and seals up the cuticle! This allows the color you just had lost longer, look healthier and more vibrant! Who doesn't want that ? I know I sure do. I especially love for my hair to hold a curling iron curl longer too.

I have attached the brazilian blow out website in hopes that you can go through and look at before and after pictures. The most important part of this blog is to let you the customer know that we are offering a special for the rest of this month. Brazilian Blow outs will be 90.00 per hour per customer ! This is an amazing deal; so don't miss out !! You will regret it espeically when you see that frizz fro in the mirror !

If you are not able to afford the brazilian blow out and still need help managing your locks; please ask us about our redken conditioning treatment. This typically last 6- 8 weeks and will not only seal your cuticle but soften your hair! It helps me put some elasticity back in to ensure that curling iron curl will hold. Book now or call for questions at 410-546-4960!!!

God Bless you and that hair

XOXO Jessica

By cuttingedge49603488, May 23 2016 08:00PM

Hi All!! I hope you are all doing well! I have quite a bit of a problem to address. There are discount stores out there right now trying to sell you professional brand products. The problem is, is they probably aren't real. I am not telling you this to lie to you or make you buy products from just my salon. I am telling you this because you pay a lot of money for your hair and you should take care of it. There is nothing worse than buying a so called professional product; only to later find out that it was a cheap walmart brand product. Yes this does happen!! Not only that, people can return these items and fill them with things that should never go near your locks of love; like nair! Yes Nair!! You know the stuff used to remove hair? Yes that stuff. And it has happened; this is why salons are not allowed to put returned items back on the shelf for resale. The products we sell are authentic and backed by name brand companies. You also get a stylist with your product! How awesome is that! You don't have to guess what to use for your hair, you can have your stylist tell you what you need. Believe me when I say, we do not sell you anything you do not need. If we are trying to sell you products then we are trying to help either you or your hair out! Trust us! It's all for the love of the hair!! And don't get me wrong; I absolutely love my discount stores but please stay away from the hair products just get that cute home decor and those cute outfits! This way you or your hair won't be disappointed!

God Bless you and your hair ;)


Don't forget we are offering 20% off any product with any service!

I am hoping soon to be able to offer you to buy our products through the website and have them shipped to your house.

By cuttingedge49603488, Jan 19 2016 02:45PM

Did You Know ?!?! That we are competent in ombre services!! Ombre is the most asked for service currently and wouldn't you know that we can assist you in whatever ombre technique or color you may want? This ombre was hand painted by Jessica! The ends were toned after lifting to the proper level. This ensured that all brassy and yellow shades were removed from the hair. Please stop in and get your ombre on! We are looking forward to it!!

By guest, Sep 14 2015 06:08PM

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